What is the Bedsby Tales?

Experience a chilling, episodic journey through the mysteries of the unknown. The Bedsby Tales is a fantastic episode and interaction driven new series for kids.  Narrated by Kevan Brighting (@kevanthevoice) BAFTA Nominated Games Performer 2014 and the winner of the IGF Audience Award 2014.

Short stories are apart of our daily lives, and everyone can relate to those spooky campfire tales we heard when we were young!  From Goosebumps to More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, The Bedsby Tales will bring thrilling short stories to kids of all ages.

Features Include:

  • Interactive Mode – children can interact with the environment to progress the storyline.
  • Auto Play Mode – sit back and relax as the tale unfolds with no interaction required. Just like a movie!
  • Choice Driven Interaction – make choices that will affect the story.
  • Beautifully crafted, real time 3D environments to increase immersion into Bedsby’s eerie world!
  • Richly composed musical scores provide a spark to a childs imagination.

What makes The Bedsby Tales different?

    1. Immersion – It’s one of our top priorities. The Bedsby Tales is an immersive reading experience like none other!
    2. 3D Animation – We believe kids respond better to a story that contains animated 3D Characters.
    3. Interaction Driven Story: The kids progress the story by solving simple yet engaging puzzles.
    4. No Fluff: – Most kids stories on the iPad are very basic and fluffy. We believe that’s an insult to a childs mind, and they deserve just as much amazing experiences as adults do!
    5. Highest Quality: – Our team is built of amazing game industry veterans from such games as the Metroid Prime Trilogy, Pluto Learns Piano and Koala Band. Quality is our #1 priority.

Is there any educational value?

Absolutely! Not only does the app aid in reading comprehension, but our stories are pure poetry and inspire creativity and imagination. The Bedsby Tales includes puzzles that have educational value too; Including a grandfather clock that must be set to the right time. We’re always building new ideas to marry a Spooky Tale with puzzles that are light, immersive and provide a glimmer of educational value.

Our goal with The Bedsby Tales is to strengthen a child’s self esteem. We believe that children love spooky stories, and can learn a lot about themselves as an individual when it comes to things that go bump in the night. Help us spread the word, and together we can build children up, instead of tearing them down!

Here is our Season 1 Episode Lineup!

Episode 1: Thoughts of Unknown – Now Available for Free!
Episode 2: Basement So Deep
Episode 3: One Yellow Eye
Episode 4: From the Woods
Episode 5: Tunnel Creek
Episode 6: Dolly DearestAppStoreBadge-250x74




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