The Bedsby Tales: Spooky Bedtime Stories

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Jacob Duane Johnson – Creative Director/Product Development

Obi Nchekwube  – Engineer/Unity 3D Developer

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Jacob (@JDuaneJ) is the creator of The Bedsby Tales, Our Christmas Wishes and the casual game Astropak. Graduating from The Art Institute of Phoenix with a B.A. in Game Art and Design, Jacob has been involved in the Game Industry as an Artist and Designer since 2005. He has worked on Metroid Prime 3 at Retro Studios in Austin TX, PC games such as Stargate Worlds and Stargate Resistance, in Phoenix Arizona and the hit kids educational apps Pluto Learns Piano and Koala Band, at Pluto Media, in the heart of the Silicon Valley. He’s a published author and illustrator for children’s books, interactive iPad apps and The Card Game of OZ. Self taught game developer and Artist by trade, Jacob’s passion is to build entertaining experiences that are timeless, high quality and most importantly, fun.

Obi (@obiapp) is the brains behind what makes apps and games tick.  Graduating with exceptional talent from the University of Michigan with a B.S. in Computer Science, Obi developed the client apps for Agawi’s streaming game platform and streaming advertising technology. Obi was also lead developer on the team responsible for building the Rover Browser App for Education, which has been used by children globally for safe web browsing on the iPad. Rover has been in the top 10 apps for education on the App Store, numerously.  With skills ranging from; Objective-C/Cocoa, Java/Android, C#/Windows Phone, to HTML/CSS/Javascript Obi has a wide breadth of programming skills and a proven ability to guide a product from concept to creation to greatness.



  • Episode 1: Thoughts of Unknown 100%
  • Episode 2: Basement So Deep 10%
  • Episode 3: One Yellow Eye 5%
  • Episode 4: From the Woods 2%
  • Episode 5: Tunnel Creek 0%
  • Episode 6: Dolly Dearest 0%

Episodic Content

The Bedsby Tales is an episodic app; with 6 short stories in development, our goal is to provide an amazing experience to kids who love a good chill!  We currently have our first episode “Thoughts of Unknown” complete, and we’re beginning work on episode 2 “Basement So Deep”.

We’ve built a compelling “Choice Mechanics” system into The Bedsby Tales that will eventually give each viewer the opportunity to “Choose” how they might respond to a scary or frightening situation.  Episode 2 will feature ghosts, skeletons, witches and a smelly old corpse…exactly what a kid expects to be in the Basement So Deep!  More detail about episode 2 will be available when we’re further along in development.

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