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a different terror tale with each episode.


exciting puzzles that progress each story.


tales that send a chill down the spine!


Award Winning Narrator

BAFTA Nominated Games Performer 2014 and the winner of the IGF Audience Award 2014, Kevan Brighting, The Stanley Parable.  @kevanthevoice



What Kids Say

I really love the art style! The story was cool and interesting, and I liked how you weren’t just sitting there, you actually did something. It was a really cool game/story!

– Samuel age 12


I liked the animation style, and that it was an interactive story.

– Caleb age 11


What Parents Say

The experience is very immersive. I’m not sure if it is the moving graphics, the voiceover, the music, or all of the above working beautifully together; but it really made me stop what I was doing and watch it.

– James father of 3


What Teachers Say

It’s like if Dr. Seuss met Edgar Allan Poe; I would imagine this as their collaboration. The creepy imagery and rhymes make for such a great story style and my kids are always on the edge of their seats when I read them ghost stories!

– Jaclynn Megerian, K-8 Teacher at Brentwood Academy East Palo Alto CA.

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